Baby boy welcome sweet box package design

A8om, 2023

Project brief:

We are looking for a sweet box design to celebrate the arrival of a baby boy. The design should be charming, adorable, and capture the essence of joy and celebration. The sweet box will serve as a special keepsake to commemorate the baby’s birth, and it should incorporate important birth details such as the day, date, year, time, and location of the baby’s arrival. Additionally, the sweet box should feature a warm and heartfelt welcome note to convey the happiness and excitement surrounding the newborn. The color scheme should predominantly be blue, symbolizing the traditional color associated with baby boys. Finally, the baby’s name should be prominently displayed, adding a personal touch to the design.


The design should emphasize the significance of the baby’s birth details. This can be achieved by incorporating these details in an elegant and visually appealing manner. Consider utilizing stylish typography or playful graphics to highlight the day, date, year, time, and location of the baby’s birth. The sweet box design should evoke a sense of joy and celebration, capturing the essence of this special occasion. It should create a delightful and heartwarming experience for the recipient, reflecting the happiness that comes with welcoming a new baby boy into the world.

The color scheme for the sweet box design should primarily revolve around shades of blue. Blue is a traditional color associated with baby boys, symbolizing calmness, serenity, and masculinity. Incorporate different shades or gradients of blue to add depth and visual interest to the design. Consider using complementary colors or subtle accents to enhance the overall aesthetic and create a visually pleasing composition. The color choices should evoke a sense of joy and delight, complementing the overall theme of the sweet box design.


The baby’s name is a significant element of the sweet box design and should be prominently featured. The typography used for the name should be clear, legible, and stylish, reflecting the sweetness and innocence associated with a newborn baby. Consider incorporating playful or decorative elements around the name to add a touch of charm and personalization. The name should serve as a focal point of the design, creating a connection between the sweet box and the baby boy it celebrates. The overall design should evoke warmth, happiness, and a sense of welcoming for both the baby and the recipient of the sweet box.