Tampon Product Packing Design

Happa Studio, 2022

Puffin tampons are made of absorbent natural fibres. With its eight cuts, the

shape of the tampon allows for even expansion, which boosts its absorptiveness

and reliability. Its rounded top and netted wrap, which provide greater tampon compactness and smoothness, make application simple and safe.

You can choose between various sizes of Puffin tampons with regard to period intensity:

  1. Comfort: for girls and women with a weak period and for all first – time tampon users normal: for girls and women with a medium – strength period
  2. Super: for women with a heavy period
  3. Super plus: for women with a very heavy period


The frequency of changing tampons depends on the intensity of your period. It is heaviest in the first two days, when the tampon should be replaced every 3 to 4 hours. When your period begins to weaken and during the night, the tampon can be used for 4 to 8 hours. 



Use of tampons does not harm your health. Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) occurs very rarely. TSS is a rare, but very serious problem that can occur in men, women and children. In about a half of known cases, it has occurred in tampon users

and affects a small number of women every year. In rare cases, TSS can be fatal. If during a period you suddenly develop a strong fever (over 39°C), rash, diarrhoea,

sore throat or dizziness, or faint or vomit, remove the tampon immediately and

visit your doctor. Tell the doctor about TSS and that you have your period. The symptoms listed above can indicate TSS, because they occur rapidly and resemble the flu. If you develop TSS, ask your doctor for advice on further use of tampons.

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