Digital illustrations 

Freelance, 2015-2023

This series of digital illustrations delves into the profound exploration of how scars are perceived by both individuals and the world around them. Beyond being mere marks on the body, scars embody tales of survival, tragedy, and life-altering events. As an artist, I aim to portray scars as intricate tattoos upon an individual’s soul, allowing light to enter and exit their unique life narrative. These illustrations visually represent the untold, unnoticed, and invisible stories that lie within each scar, unraveling the profound depths of human experiences.

Character illustration breathes life into the realm of imagination, transforming ideas and stories into visual entities. With meticulous attention to detail, skilled artists craft characters that leap off the page or screen, capturing their essence, personality, and emotions. Each stroke of the artist’s pen or brush gives rise to a vibrant world of diverse individuals, inviting viewers to connect, empathize, and embark on unforgettable journeys through their captivating narratives. Character illustration celebrates the power of visual storytelling, weaving together artistry and imagination to create memorable and enduring characters that leave a lasting impression.